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Genesis 950 Pet Stain Remover & Carpet Cleaner

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Genesis 950 Pet Stain Remover & Carpet Cleaner - $42 - Houston, TX pb
Cats and dogs make great pets, but they can also make even bigger messes. Pet urine stains and smells can destroy fabrics and furniture. There are several cleaners to remove stains and odors, but everyone who owns a pet know they don't always work. The key to removing pet stains and smells is to break the bond of the stain. Once the bond of the stain is broken, it can be lifted from the surface. Only by breaking the bond of the stain will you remove both the actual stain and the smell. If you do not do this, you are just masking it.

1. Clean stained area (furniture, carpet or rug) of any loose debris.
2. In a bucket, mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts warm water
3. Using a sponge, absorb the mixture of Genesis 950 and water
4. Squeeze excess mixture out of the sponge
5. With the sponge, wipe down any stained or dirtied area of the furniture, carpet or rug - do not wipe in a scrubbing manner, just gently wipe and let moisture from sponge absorb into the stain
6. Let the area you have wiped absorb the mixture - Genesis 950 is designed to work with water to soak into the stain and break the bonds of the stain, which then lift the stain from the surface. This is what will remove the stain and the smell.
7. After about 2 minutes the stain will be loosened and can be lifted from the surface
8. Empty your bucket and fill with straight water once you have cleaned all the dirty spots on your furniture, carpet or rug
9. Use a sponge with straight water to wipe off the cleaned areas
10. Allow furniture, carpet or rug to dry.

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