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Styrofoam melting machine - $81,000 - Ontario, CA
    Styrofoam melting machine

    Mars series (hot melting machine) is specialized in compacting EPS&EPE and could save large space offering you convenience. Mars series compacts high-qualified EPS&EPE material and it is easy to transport. Applicable materials include PSP, XPS, PSP/food trays and cups.

    July 19, 2017 Ontario, CA


    EPS Screw Compactor - $32,000 - Ontario, CA
      EPS Screw Compactor

      ZEUS C300 can prevent the compacted EPS, PE Foam and other material from scattering. C300 can also prevent the compacted material loosening again. C300 offers convenience for recyclers. Applicable materials include EPE(PE FOAM), EPP, EPS, XPS and PSP. Food trays and cups is also included. The difference: equiped with blowing machine, could help convey waste ...

      July 19, 2017 Ontario, CA


      Packagings Dewatering Compactor - $35,000 - Ontario, CA
        Packagings Dewatering Compactor

        Poseidon series specializes in de-watering and compacting beverage bottles and packaging recycling. Poseidon de-water helps dry PP/PE film flakes after the cleaning line, and helps screw out water in containers. Applicable materials include PET bottles, aluminum cans, PP/PE films, beverage cartons and yogurt cups.

        July 19, 2017 Ontario, CA


        Styrofoam/EPS/Polystyrene Compactor - $28,000 - Ontario, CA
          Styrofoam/EPS/Polystyrene Compactor

          Apolo Series are eps recycling machines, in United States it is also called styrofoam recycling machine. A series can accept all kind of polystyrene foam.

          July 18, 2017 Ontario, CA
          Travel Voltage Converter - $150 - Florence Graham, CA
            Travel Voltage Converter

            Travel voltage converters are not designed for continuous use as oppose to the larger transformer which can be used continuously. Travel voltage converters also have very small capacity and usually range from 30W to 200W max. The 1600W or 1875W travel voltage converter is not an actual voltage transformer, it is designed specifically for heat ...

            December 18, 2016 Florence Graham, CA
            Voltage Converter 220V to 110V - $150 - Florence Graham, CA
              Voltage Converter 220V to 110V

              The Voltage Converter 220V to 110V shown in the link you posted should not be with electronic products, such as those mentioned by the OP. That type of Converter uses solid-state technology to reduce the voltage, rather than a Transformer and the output is not especially "clean". When connected to a solid-state product such as ...

              December 18, 2016 Florence Graham, CA

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