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The Music Course That Changes Lives - Denver, CO
    The Music Course That Changes Lives

    Repeatedly tested and proven to work, Emotional Pitch® is for musicians of all ages, levels, and instruments. This innovative course reveals that every note has an emotion or function, and teaches you how to blend them together to create your own music and improvise with ease. If you're looking for a quality applied music theory ...

    November 15, 2016 Denver, CO
    The Fantastic Adventures of Sticky - $7 - Framingham, MA
      The Fantastic Adventures of Sticky

      This four-book series is double-spaced for easy reading. The chapters are short to build a child's confidence in reading. This book's design is especially great for kids with ADD or ADHD. Sticky the elf has a special gift, he can shoot bubblegum from his hands. Sticky and his two best friends, Dumbley the dwarf and ...

      November 4, 2016 Framingham, MA
      Master the Fretboard the Right Way! - $5 - San Jose, CA
        Master the Fretboard the Right Way!

        The Fretboard Solution, a reliable music education resource, consists of quick and easy, clear and concise instruction of how to play up and down the fretboard with ease. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, anyone and everyone who aspires to master the fretboard will benefit exponentially. For an investment of only $4.99 (Kindle) ...

        November 1, 2016 San Jose, CA
        JUSTICE WITH HONOR - San Bernardino, CA

          In the deadly game of working undercover, California Department of Motor Vehicle investigators are the crime fighters faced with law breakers who prey on the general public. They are referred to as the unforgiving lawless predators. Money is their God. The reward for interference might be injury or death by torture, beheading, or being fed ...

          September 20, 2016 San Bernardino, CA

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          Coconut Oil: the healthy fat eBook - Milwaukie, OR
            Coconut Oil: the healthy fat eBook

            Coconut oil the complete natural health and beauty guide! Find out the health benefits of coconut oil today! Find out how coconut oil can, cure common illnesses saving you hundreds in doctors’ fees, help you lose weight without losing the great taste of your favorite foods and much, much more! Coconut oil has long been ...

            July 16, 2016 Milwaukie, OR
            MIND POWER RICHES (Program: Book, DVD, CD) - $30 - Phoenix, AZ
              MIND POWER RICHES (Program: Book, DVD, CD)

              If you want to know about the single best resource that’ll help you rewire the software program in your brain so that you can - double, triple, even quintuple your income or more…...something that can give you an endless flow of money-making ideas… something that have you become intensely fearless… enviably productive… and …give you ...

              May 3, 2016 Phoenix, AZ
              Ebook: Unlock the door to financial freedom - $11 - Phoenix, AZ
                Ebook: Unlock the door to financial freedom

                Money-making is an art. And like every other art, you need to know the technicalities before you can use it to your advantage. This ebook will help you understand the nuances of making money, being rich and turning financial advantages into opportunities. Written by an expert financial consultant, this ebook has all the do-it-yourself tips ...

                May 3, 2016 Phoenix, AZ
                Books - Duluth, GA

                  All titles written for the encouragement and strength of those dealing with the trials and struggles of life. You will come out, things will get better, you shall overcome, and be victorious. "It Took A Cross To Raise Me" "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" "Out of the Ashes" Order online: p. harrell

                  April 12, 2016 Duluth, GA
                  The Code Of Seven by Sherina HM - Dallas, TX
                    The Code Of Seven by Sherina HM

                    The Code of Seven is an elite group who can harness tremendous forces to influence events throughout the galaxies. Each possesses a power that they don’t yet understand or know how to control, and their destinies will be revealed in this first book. Eva and Nathaniel, two of the Code of Seven, led ordinary lives ...

                    April 4, 2016 Dallas, TX
                    Take your guitar playing up a notch! - Seattle, WA
                      Take your guitar playing up a notch!

                      The Single String Secret, a 27-page e-book with concise, proven-to-work instruction and scale exercises will get you up and down the fretboard at absolute no cost! Yes, this guitar e-book is FREE! Get your copy today by visiting Guitar Smith Online® at​ng-secret.

                      March 25, 2016 Seattle, WA

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